The butterflies and the plants in the Butterfly Rainforest have been loving the bright, hot days of Florida’s summer. The plants soaked up the heavy afternoon rains and are just bursting with flowers, which the butterflies love. Summers get pretty active around here with visitors from all over the country, but we hope you had a chance to visit our lush ‘rainforest’!

The sword tail butterflies with their long tail and bright stripes, are easy to spot and keep a lookout for the brilliant green of the tailed jay butterflies. You can almost always find the large nymph butterflies fluttering in the branches above the pathways of the Butterfly exhibit. These butterflies have a wingspan of 4.5 to 6.0 inches, they’re one of our larger butterflies.

Many varieties of orchids started blooming in May, along with the eye-catch and fragrant voodoo lily. By June, the bright red powder puffs, perigrina and bleeding-heart vines were blooming.

You can even sometimes spot little Atala butterflies, a favorite species at the Florida Museum. Researchers here at the McGuire Center focus on at-risk butterflies like this rare butterfly from South Florida. You can often spot these in our visible research labs as you walk through our indoor butterfly exhibits.

Many thanks to Ingrith for sharing her daily photos with us.