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antarctic dinosaurs logoAntarctic Dinosaurs

This exhibit was on display October 7, 2023, through April 21, 2024

Visitors to the Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibit took a step back in time and discovered life beneath the ice. Today, Antarctica is a forbidding land of snow and ice, but 200 million years ago it was a lush, wooded habitat where dinosaurs thrived. This interactive and family-friend exhibit uncovered the history of the world’s southernmost continent and the unique species that have called it home.

Rare fossils, touchable casts and interactive models brought the past to life while showcasing Antarctica’s distinctive dinosaur species. Visitors could examine a reconstructed forest and encountered the early plants and animals that flourished in the once-green environment. A re-created quarry and real equipment let everyone experience the extraordinary work that goes into digging for fossils. This exhibit taught a about the important research taking place in this frigid landscape and how it can predict future changes to the world’s climate.


Antarctic Dinosaurs was developed by the Field Museum, Chicago in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Discovery Place – Charlotte, NC, and the Natural History Museum of Utah. Generous support was provided by Kenneth C. Griffin.

Promotional images provided by the Field Museum and Bria Woods for the Witte Museum. This exhibit’s run is sponsored in part by Visit Gainesville/Alachua County, University of Florida Student Government and the Florida Division of Arts and Culture.