This sunny spring, the exhibit is bursting with blooms! There’s always something new to see when you visit the Butterfly Rainforest!

Zebra longwings and Grecian shoemaker butterflies are showing off their stripes and spots, while the tiger leafwing butterflies practically disappear into the foliage when their wings are closed. Sometimes you see the most unexpected things if you sit still and look carefully. You may spot a group of butterflies (sometimes called a kaleidoscope) roosting in the branches early in the morning, or even a little finch hiding among the leaves.

The plants are loving this warm, sunny spring. The large fatsia and monstera leaves are spreading across the canopy and the Vriesea scalaris, a type of epiphyte from South America, drop down and add a splash of color.

Many thanks to keeper Ingrith for sharing her photos with us while she and the team work to keep the exhibit lush for guests and residents.