On November 15, 2019, our Daniels Lab team and First Magnitude Brewing Company celebrated the launch of a Belgian witbier style brew called “Florida White,” highlighting the rare Florida White butterfly. Guests at the brewery got to try the beer, talk with researchers about their work with imperiled butterflies, and buy merch like glasses and shirts with the unique logo.

The Florida White is a large, predominately white butterfly limited to coastal areas of the extreme South Florida mainland and the Florida Keys. The Florida White is now only regularly found in a few isolated locations. The specific reasons for its alarming decline are not fully understood. Efforts are ongoing to monitor known populations and identify strategies to help reverse this downward trend.

The 9th beer in this collaboration between our Daniels Lab and First Magnitude was a Belgian Wit, one of the most popular beer styles in the world. It was made with Florida oranges to add a distinctly local take.

Each beer in this collaboration highlights an imperiled butterfly. The proceeds from these beers benefit butterfly conservation and research in Florida.