To celebrate our new exhibit opening, we hosted the Water Shapes Florida Photo Challenge. It was designed to educate and promote awareness of Florida’s freshwater habitats and get everyone excited about the new exhibit.

Thank you to the thousands of people who voted for their favorite photo from our ten finalists. It was delightful to showcase the work of these photographers and share our appreciation for one of Florida’s most valuable resources: water!

About Water Shapes Florida

Take a ride on a glass-bottom boat, walk through a hammock forest, explore the aquifer and more as you learn about our state’s most important natural resource in this interactive bilingual experience.

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Photo Challenge Winners

Seen from underwater, clear spring water and tannin rich reddish-brown water mix in a swirl of sun-lit bubbles
1st Place
Laura Quinn
Ginnie Springs
In deep-blue waters an adult manatee and calf swim above long blades of eel-grass
2nd Place
Zachary Shaul
Manatee and Calf in Eelgrass
In the blue green water of Silver Glen Springs a manatee looks straight at the viewer and is close enough you can see the whiskers on its nose
3rd Place
Danielle Chappus
Silver Glen Springs Manatee
A cloudy sky reflects in the water running through tall grass. Rows of pine trees surround the marshland
Judges’ Award
Miriam Frawley
Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park
four people holding printed certificates stand in a museum gallery in front of printed photos of under water scenes
Our Water Shapes Florida Photo Challenge winners were recognized during the exhibit opening day celebrations on March 23, 2024. Florida Museum photo by Kristen Grace

Enjoy the lovely photos from the rest of our finalists:


Stay tuned!

We’re excited about opening our new Water Shapes Florida exhibit. When we closed the Northwest Florida exhibit in 2023, we heard from many of our visitors that they were going to miss the cave. Well,  we want to assure everyone that we’ve updated the cave as part of the new exhibit, so be sure to come check it out!

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