collector of ice cream items

Collectors Day 2018

by Museum Staff

This Saturday was our 39th year hosting Collectors Day here at the Museum, and as always, it was quite a … Continued

visitors taking pictures

Trashformations 2017

by Museum Staff

We had a fantastic turn out for Trashformations 2017 this year, and there were so many stunning contributions this year! … Continued

kid learning in fossil dig station

Museum Fossil Day 2017

by Museum Staff

National Fossil Day is on October 11th, but this year we wanted to have a special Saturday event to celebrate … Continued

silhouette looking through telescope

Starry Night 2017

by Museum Staff

Starry Night 2017 was an amazing success! Over 1,900 visitors joined us here at the Museum on October 27, spread … Continued

ButterflyFest 2017, half header

ButterflyFest 2017

by Museum Staff

Despite the questionable Florida weather this year, well over 3,000 visitors came out on October 8 to celebrate our 12th … Continued

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

2017 Photo Contest Winner

by Museum Staff

Congratulations to our 2017 winner! This year the Florida Museum hosted its fifth ButterflyFest Facebook Photo Challenge! The challenge was … Continued