Science on Tap is one of TESI’s most popular event series. Held in partnership with the Florida Museum, we recruit and help coach scientists on giving engaging presentations in an informal setting, like local breweries.

Read below about some of our most recent Science on Tap events, and visit our upcoming events calendar to be sure you don’t miss the next one!

Fall 2020 — Science on Tap: Changes on the Horizon

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The Sunshine State is experiencing many environmental challenges, but how will these changes affect the future? The Florida Museum of Natural History and University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute invite guests to grab their favorite local brew and join us virtually to learn from scientists about urban streams, trafficked wildlife and mangroves at the fall “Science Off Tap: Changes on the Horizon” series. See below for more information or download the event flyer.

Sept. 10 Science Off Tap: Urban Streams 

Oct. 8Science Off Tap: CSI Wildlife

Nov. 12Science Off Tap: Mangroves on the Move

Fall 2019-Spring 2020 — Science on Tap: Is Florida Trying to Kill Me?

It can sometimes feel like mother nature is out to get us, but is she really? During our Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Science on Tap series, “Is Florida Trying to Kill Me?” scientists debunked myths and helped us understand whether common Florida scaries like sharks, hurricanes, wildfires, mosquitoes and sinkholes are actually here to kill us.

Learn more about our Science on Tap Professional Development Program.

Learn more about our Science on Tap program. 

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