boodoo headshotSarisha Boodoo is a senior from Clermont, Florida, studying political science with a minor in sustainability studies. Through this Fellowship, Boodoo is interested in learning more about how to harness environmental education and efficiently communicate these topics with other communities, leaders and peers. She is eager to explore the intersectionalities of health disparities between the built and natural environment, especially focusing on marginalized groups. In her professional life, she hopes to further the application of her studies in political science and sustainability studies by researching the political institutions, behaviors and policies that address the changes we need to protect our planet, wildlife, fauna and humans. In her free time, Boodoo enjoys cooking up a storm, watching films, roller skating and attempting to become a professional birder. 

“I am excited to meet like minded fellows and professionals like me who care for our planet, but also learn from everyone’s respective academic concentrations that allow for different perspectives.”