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Although many Floridians may associate the word insect with those pesky mosquitoes, our state is home to so many beneficial bugs! Download our Instagram slider series to meet some of Florida’s Insect Influencers and find out why they’re so important. New influencers will be added to this list each week, so be sure to check back!

When sharing on social media, be sure to use the campaign hashtag: #ProtectTheInsects, and tag us: @UFEarthSystems on Facebook and Twitter and @KnowYourFlorida on Instagram.

Click on the images to download an Instagram slider series for each of our Insect Influencers!​

big-eyed bug white lined sphinx moth luna moth
common eastern bumblebee slider minute pirate bug black soldier fly insect influencer slider
cicada insect influencer Miami Blue butterfly halloween pennant dragonfly
Eastern Hercules Beetle Green Lacewing giant ichneumon wasp