This opportunity is curated through the UF TESI Environmental Leaders Network. Opportunities posted through the Network may not be affiliated with the Florida Museum or TESI, but are shared with UF undergraduate students who want to learn more about environmental research, education and outreach, and civic engagement. 

Host Organization

Bob Graham Center for Public Service

Type of Opportunity

Scholars program leading to UF minor or certificate

Opportunity Description

UF Gulf Scholars, housed at the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, prepares students from diverse backgrounds to tackle challenges facing Gulf of Mexico communities. Through the program, students can take Gulf-related courses, participate in experiential learning (research, internships, field excursions), lead faculty-mentored Gulf Impact Projects, and earn a Gulf studies minor or certificate.

Program Components:

  • Gulf-focused academic courses
  • Experiential and place-based learning opportunities (research, internships, field excursions, etc.)
  • Faculty-mentored Gulf Impact Projects
  • Future of the Gulf Summit
  • Gulf-focused public programs

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UF Gulf Scholars – Bob Graham Center for Public Service

For questions, please contact:

Rebecca Burton, UF Gulf Scholars Coordinator,