Thanksgiving is a time to spend reflecting on what we’re thankful for: our friends, family and the planet we call home.

As you make your Thanksgiving plans, take a few minutes to review our tips and tricks for celebrating in a way that’s friendly to the environment we all depend on.

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Before the meal: 

  • Check your pantry before shopping to prevent food waste and save money.
  • Avoid plastic grocery and produce bags by bringing your own.
  • When planning your menu, try to opt for more plant-based items. Sweet potato casserole anyone?

During the meal: 

  • Instead of plastic decorations, use nature-based items like pine cones and leaves.
  • Use real silverware and plates. If you need to go disposable, opt for paper.
  • Avoid plastic bottles by serving water from the tap or a filter, and choosing aluminum cans for soft drinks.

After the meal: 

  • Compost uncooked food scraps (except meat) instead of sending them to the landfill.
  • Request that dinner guests bring their own take-home dish for leftovers.
  • Before you head home, make sure your car tires are properly inflated to save on gas mileage.