Preparing for a major storm can be stressful. News outlets and government agencies release hurricane-supply checklists to help you weather the storm. But how can you minimize waste while making sure you are ready for a hurricane?

Here are some tips from TESI’s coordinator and educator Sadie Mills:

Florida Friendly Hurricane Prep Infographic
Here are some tips for minimizing the environmental impact of your hurricane preparations.


  • Water: Use containers you already have or buy large capacity plastic jugs of water.
  • Food: Buy nonperishable food you will actually eat, even after the storm season has passed.
  • Personal Hygiene: If evacuating to a hotel, bring your own toiletries to avoid using the provided small plastic bottles.
  • Kitchen: If you lose access to water and are unable to wash dishes, choose disposable dishware that is compostable.
  • Flood Prep: Identify areas at risk of flooding and do your best to remove personal possessions. Flood-damaged items often end up in landfills.
  • Protecting Furniture & Appliances: When covering furniture or other belongings, consider using items you already own, like shower curtains or plastic-lined tablecloths. If you need more, invest in a quality tarp that you can reuse each year.

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