The University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute is excited to welcome two new Environmental Communicators to its team!

TESI Environmental Communicators develop social media content, write newsletter articles, create videos, and more, all focused on communicating Earth systems issues to Floridians, and beyond. During their time with us, students hone their science communication skills and broaden their knowledge about key environmental issues in Florida and across the globe.

Specifically, our Environmental Communicators serve as a critical arm of the TESI Digital Outreach team, researching and creating content for TESI’s Instagram campaign, Know Your Florida, and producing content for the TESI website and monthly environmental newsletter, Earth to Florida.

augustus hoffAugustus Hoff is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in geography. He is passionate about wildlife conservation, conservation photography, and nature writing.

Augustus hopes to spend his time with TESI furthering his skills as a science communicator and making environmental topics comfortable, inclusive, and accessible to all. Outside of TESI, Augustus is a musician and founder of Quail Hollow and Quail Hollow Conservation. He also is an audio engineer and enjoys camping, hiking, photography, and reading.

isabel yianilos

Isabel Yianilos is an undergraduate student pursuing a  bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a minor in studio art. She is passionate about forests, wetlands, beaches, and everything in between, with a particular interest in climate communication.

Through her work, Isabel hopes to use her creativity to educate and motivate the public on sustainable actions that can make a positive and significant impact on the environment. Outside of TESI, Isabel loves making art, cooking unique foods, and identifying flora, fauna, and fungi in local parks.