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Host Organization

DB Environmental

Type of position

  • Full-time

Position description

This is a field-based position consisting of 90% outdoor field activities and 10% indoor office activities (this could vary from week to week). Primary responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Collecting high-quality water, vegetation, and soil/sediment samples in wetlands and other aquatic environments, often in remote locations;
  • Leading a team of field personnel to ensure project objectives and quality requirements are met;
  • Calibrating, using, and maintaining field instruments to measure and record field data (e.g. data sondes);
  • Deploying, programming, collecting samples from, maintaining, and troubleshooting autosamplers;
  • Identifying South Florida freshwater wetland plants;
  • Recording detailed ecological observations and relaying those observations to project managers;
  • Maintaining and cleaning boats and field vehicles at the field office facility;
  • Updating and maintaining data files using MS Excel; and
  • Performing administrative tasks that support general operations of the field office.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the natural or physical sciences or a related scientific field and two (2) years experience collecting samples in wetlands or other aquatic environments required. An Associate’s degree in the natural or physical sciences or a related scientific field and four (4) years experience collecting samples may substitute.
  • Previous experience must include collecting environmental or water quality samples for low-concentration analytes.
  • Ability to learn computer software to manage field instruments and produce detailed, organized field notes.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to work effectively under adverse field and weather conditions. Examples include wading in wetlands up to waist-deep, exposure to South Florida heat and rain, and stinging and biting insects. Ability to swim. Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
  • Capacity to independently evaluate operational situations, identify hazards or problematic conditions, and problem-solve to appropriately apply techniques and protocols specified in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Ability to learn and implement new SOPs.
  • Ability to work in small teams in close quarters, operate and ride in vehicles and boats for extended periods.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Demonstration of initiative and willingness to perform a variety of tasks.

To apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter by May 24th to

Application Due

May 24, 2024


Job Description