The EPA estimates during the holiday season, household waste increases by 20%. Here are some tips and tricks to help you reduce food waste in your homes this holiday season.

How To Prevent Food Waste

  • Before you go to the grocery store, plan and make a list to reduce the chance that you’ll buy more than you need.
  • For small gatherings, prepare only the family favorite side dishes to go with the main course. If you want to prepare all of your family’s traditional dishes, cut recipes in half.
  • Freeze scraps like vegetable peelings and meat trimmings to use them later for soups or other culinary creations.

Store or give away leftovers

  • By storing or giving leftovers away, food waste can be greatly reduced and holiday dinner can be more enjoyable
  • Place food in clear containers and store them in the refrigerator or freezer to eat at a later date.
  • Let guests choose their favorite dishes to take home and request they bring their own container.
  • If you have extra cans of foods, such as green beans, corn, or cranberry sauce donate them to your local food bank.


  • Composting your food scraps can help your garden grow while keeping food out of the landfill. Look into local community composting opportunities or do it in your own backyard.
  • Remember to only include organics and to remove any stickers or plastic while composting.