We’re wrapping up our first year as the education and outreach coordinators for SEFS, and wow, what a year it has been. So many remarkable moments during the course of the school year. And, how can we not touch on the pivotal shift in K-12 education since mid-March?

COVID-19 created all sorts of chaos and changes in the delivery of both basic needs and academic content. It forced many teachers to revamp lessons and learn entirely new platforms in record time and taxed school resources in order to keep the academic flow on target.

Now that the school year is at its end, teachers around the state will hopefully be able to enjoy some downtime. You rose to the challenge and we salute you!

Even though we are no longer teachers in the classroom ourselves, we fully understand the undertaking you have gone through during this unforgettable school year. We, too, have been tasked with the enormous responsibility to connect every public school in the state of Florida with scientist role models and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

What started as a small program out of the University of Florida called Scientist in Every Florida School, has since built traction and momentum across the state. The team has worked hard to spread the word about this free program and we hope you will continue to help us spread our mission and enlist teachers to join us in this adventure. FY 2019-2020 number graphic

As you rest and reflect, remember, we are working for you throughout the summer and are available for you to plan ahead for whatever next school year may hold.

In health and safety,
Stephanie and Brian