Florida Museum of Natural History

Project Team

Bruce J. MacFadden, Ph.D.
Project Director and Principal Investigator
Associate Director of Exhibits and Public Programs; Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology; and Professor of Geology, Latin American Studies, and Zoology.

Dr. MacFadden has studied fossil horses for 25 years. He also is Project Director of National Science Foundation funded fossil horse research (grant# IBN-9528020) and is the scientific advisor to the new FLMNH "real" fossil horse exhibit being developed for our new Education and Exhibition Center on the UF campus. bmacfadd@flmnh.ufl.edu

Dr. Bruce MacFadden

Betty Dunckel, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator
Museum Programs Administrator, FLMNH.

Dr. Dunckel has worked with natural history programs and museum exhibits for 25 years. Her interests include exhibit and program research and evaluation. She is a member of most of the exhibit teams working on the development of the permanent exhibits for the new Education and Exhibition Center and is responsible for the design and implementation of all evaluation studies.

Dr. Betty Dunckel

Missi Mercer
Evaluation and Marketing Consultant
Ph.D. student, College of Education, University of Florida.

Missi has her Master's degree in Museum Education and is dedicated to the study of informal educational settings. She has taught Science Methods and Field Experience courses for elementary education majors at UF.

Missi Mercer

Bill Paine
Computer Consultant
Collections Database Specialist and Programmer/Analyst at FLMNH.

Mr. Paine has developed database applications for most of the Museum's collections and has developed searchable applications for several collection databases on the museum's web site.

Bill Paine

Jay O'Sullivan
Content Consultant
Ph.D. student, Department of Zoology, University of Florida.

Jay studied the evolution of primates and marsupials for his Master's degree in Anthropology. He has since broadened his studies to include horses. In particular, Jay is studying the genus Archaeohippus, the dwarf horse found at the Thomas Farm fossil site in Florida.

Jay O'Sullivan

Laurie Waltz
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer with Anima Art, Gainesville Florida.

Laurie is dedicated to science education and communication using digital technology.

Laurie Waltz

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