Monumento Natural Barro Colorado sign

Isla Barro Colorado

Last month some visitors from the States and I had the opportunity to take a three hour guided tour of … Continue

Dipa Desai explaining her work with ostracods to a GSA attendee.

Dipa Desai at GSA

Current field intern Dipa Desai presented her research from her internship at the Florissant Fossil beds this past summer. She … Continue

Ariel Guggino at her GSA poster, Nov 2, 2015.

Ariel Guggino at GSA

Ariel Guggino presented her work today at the GSA conference in Baltimore, MD. For a behind-the-scenes look at her research, … Continue

The Geological Society of America logo

GSA day 2 preview

Our paleobotanical researchers are in the spotlight today, with posters anchored by postdoctoral researcher Nathan Jud and former museum intern … Continue

Former PCP PIRE intern Michael Ziegler presents research from the Azuero Peninsula of Panama that he did in concert with Amanda Waite.

GSA 2015

PCP PIRE has a large contingent here at GSA in Baltimore, MD this year. We hit the ground running with … Continue