This opportunity is curated through the UF TESI Environmental Leaders Network. Opportunities posted through the Network may not be affiliated with the Florida Museum or TESI, but are shared with UF undergraduate students who want to learn more about environmental research, education and outreach, and civic engagement. 

Opportunity title

Trail Maintainer

Host organization/department

Florida Trail Association


Various from October to March but we can create them to work around your schedules


We at Florida Trail Association maintain, promote and protect the 1500 mile continuous Florida Trail. There are always opportunities to do trail clearing or help promote the trail. We have worked with clubs and groups at UF before and always appreciate the help.

Why should students participate?

There are many types of skills that can be gained from volunteering with FTA:
  • Learning about Florida Flora and Fauna
  • USFS level Chainsaw certifications
  • Cooking for large groups
  • Organizing large groups to do tasks
  • Tool usage like, hedgers, axe, mowers, brush cutters, hand saw and loppers
  • Infrastructure building like bridges or puncheons
  • Community outreach and fundraising
  • Problem-solving
  • Small engine repair
  • Tool repair and maintenance
  • First aid skills
  • And so much more…

Who can students contact for more information?

Abe Christian Operations Manager & Technical Advisor,