This opportunity is curated through the UF TESI Environmental Leaders Network. Opportunities posted through the Network may not be affiliated with the Florida Museum or TESI, but are shared with UF undergraduate students who want to learn more about environmental research, education and outreach, and civic engagement. 

Opportunity title

Data and Field Assistant

Host organization/department

Avian Research and Conservation Institute


Assist a local non-profit that studies birds with data entry, social media, website building, field gear prep, and trapping, tracking, and handling birds.

Why should students participate?

Rewarding opportunity to help a small conservation organization studying rare southeastern birds. Develop field skills in trap making, and capturing and handling birds with one-on-one instruction. Learn the ins and outs of an NGO. Flexible hours where some work can be done remotely. Potential to turn into a paid opportunity.

Who can students contact for more information?