Image of Florida with manatee, alligator, and whooping crane

Habitats & Biodiversity

Several bills have the potential to affect some of the state’s most-loved species and the habitats they depend on.

Planning, Development, and Land

Land Use Planning & Development

Several bills address the designation of wild areas, creating funding for conservation projects, and adding tweaks to current Florida land development laws.  

Pile of Trash

Recycling & Pollution

What does the state do with the massive number of materials and products that residents use — and then need to dispose of?

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Bills address topics like natural gas regulations, state renewable energy goals, preemptions to energy regulation, electric vehicles, and more.

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Climate Change

Bills address topics like property insurance, flooding, extreme heat, hurricanes and sea level rise.

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While one new bill proposes new definitions for fertilizers, another would allow urban agriculture projects on commercial lands. 

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Water Quality & Quantity

Legislation introduced this session aims to address the quality and quantity of Florida’s water resources.