Introducing ARPP's students

No one on the ARPP gains a greater range of experience than our four regular students. On one hand, because of their youthful vigor, they often serve as pawns or roustabouts. From hurricanes to the Governor's visit, they pride themselves on rising to special occasions. On the other hand, they also participate at the highest, most creative levels of research design and scientific analysis. They are an essential part of the brain trust that designs new ways to recover and interpret some of the New World's richest records of early humans and their environments. Each of them must produce workable plans for reconnaissance, preliminary probing, subsequent excavation and analysis of new site results. And finally these students will write grant proposals and prepare publications that represent the ultimate products of the ARPP.

The four University of Florida students who are fully invested in the ARPP are, in order of their seniority, Brinnen Carter, Andy Hemmings, Mark Muniz, and Lance Carlson. We are proud of these students, and beleve that their individual successes are entwined with the project's destiny. We provide a short sketch of Brinnen's history with the project, and a brief biography of each of the other three.