Access to tools

Boating, scuba diving, archaeology and camping are all equipment intensive activities. The science of remote-site underwater archaeology, requiring a synthesis of all these disciplines, is of necessity extremely "gear" intensive. The Aucilla River Prehistory Project has survived since it's inaugural year of 1983 solely because volunteers have contributed not only their considerable talent, but the use of their expensive personal equipment as well. Indeed, volunteerism and donations from our supporters were recognized by UF Provost Dr. Andy Sorensen at our spring 1994 Advisory Council Meeting as exemplary strengths of the ARPP.

While we salute the many individuals, institutions and organizations for their generous support, we bt·lieve that if we are to continue exploring these world-class archaeological sites safely, professionally, and efficiently, it is time to provide the equipment and services necessary to accomplish the mission.

In the course of preparing funding request documents, we have had to designate what the project's longterm objectives will be. Fulfilling these objectives requires certain pieces of specialized (sometimes costly) equipment.

Restrictions attached to institutional and public funding prohibit us from purchasing the capital operating equipment that sustains our perennial field seasons. We are therefore entirely dependent upon private donations for all such purchases.

If you wish to help our multidisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers accomplish any of these objectives, we will be deeply indebted. Listed below are some key goals. Donations in any amount or form are administered through the University of Florida Foundation, and are tax deductible to the limits of the law.

Please contact:

Dr. S. David Webb

Florida Museum of Natural History

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-7800


Access to tools equipment/services

* Need: To upgrade Aucilla River data exchange

*Item: Modem for live communication

Cost; $300


* Need: To mail Aucilla River Times

*Item: Bulk mailing and labelling

Cost: $250


* Need: To view (and review) dive action on land

*Item: Television set (24" or larger)

Cost: $300 and up


* Need: To excavate tough clays

*Item: Six Marshalltown trowels

Cost: $50


*Need: Direct date on rare bone artifact

*Item: Carbon date on bone apatite

Cost: $1100 at Boulder, Co. lab


*Need: Modern oxygen delivery system

*Item: DAN oxygen first-aid kit

Cost: $400