"Shadows & Reflections On The Past"

In celebration of their 50th anniversary last year the Florida Anthropological Society released a thirty minute documentary on Florida prehistory titled “Shadows & Reflections On The Past”. The theme of this video is the quest for knowledge and understanding of the past cultures of Florida. The cultures and sites chosen to represent the five time periods examined are:

* Paleoindians - The Aucilla River
* Tequesta - Cutler Ridge Mound
* Apalachee - Lake Jackson Mounds
* Timucua - Fort Caroline National Monument
* Calusa - Mound Key

Opening scenes feature the natural environment of the Aucilla, topside on-camera interviews with ARPP director Dr. Webb, and underwater excavation footage by the project. “Shadows and Reflections” has now been picked up by the National Educational Television Association (NETA) for national satellite distribution. The video was produced by Chaos Productions of Ft. Myers. Chaos principals Stuart and Cotten Brown previously wrote and directed the award winning documentary “The Domain of the Calusa”, which also received national distribution by PBS.

A VHS copy of “Shadows and Reflections” can be obtained for a $20.00 donation (no credit cards please) to the Florida Anthropological Society by contacting Terry Simpson at (813) 991-4643 or Email TSIMPSON@LUNA.CAS. USF.EDU