ARPP produces educational poster

This year, the Aucilla River Prehistory Project produced a poster for use in our educational and public outreach programs. The poster has already been used in an instructional and outreach role at ARPP open houses, the Florida Museum of Natural History Open House, and Paleofest’98. It has also been presented to some of our contributors and legislators in appreciation for their continued support of the project.

ARPP graduate student Mark Muniz created a preliminary draft and gathered the graphic materials for the poster, then worked with Joan Herrera to produce the final design. The background graphic is a map of Florida representing the central theme of diversity. There is great diversity among volunteers, fossils and artifacts recovered, techniques used, and methods of public dissemination of project findings that serves and promotes the goals of the Aucilla River Prehistory Project.

The map marks the hometowns of those participants who come to us from within the state. The project also attracts many volunteers from around the nation and increasingly from foreign countries. There are also photographs of fossils and artifacts discovered by the project and drawings of quadrats with representations of a probable Bolen culture hearth. Education and outreach aspects of the project are represented by graphics of our newsmagazine, the Aucilla River Times, and of the new Aucilla Mammoth display now on exhibit at Powell Hall (See “Aucilla Mammoth...”).

Copies of the poster are available through the ARPP. The posters are 18 X 24 inches and in glossy color. Please request them via Dr. Webb at:

Dr. S. David Webb
Department of Vertebrate Paleontology
Florida Museum of Natural History
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800

Please enclose a check for five dollars made out to “UF Foundation”, for packaging and postage.