The Aucilla River Prehistory Project contin-ues to expand and improve its website! Featuring back issues of the Aucilla River Times (1996-1998), the site can be viewed at Joan Herrera formatted the 1998 Aucilla River Times onto our website, and the 1999 issue will be up and running online soon. These two newer issues feature color graphics. So keep checking back at the above URL.

We have received much positive feedback on the website from such organizations as the National Geographic Society, compliments and requests for permission to link to our site from as far away as Norway, and requests that we add links to our site for archaeological information providers such as the University Press of Florida.

New ‘Links in Archaeology’

A new page has been added to our website. ‘Links in Archaeology’ is now available at This page provides links to many resources and should be equally useful to avocational and professional archaeologists.

Aucilla River Prehistory Project Virtual Museum Exhibit

Our “virtual museum exhibit” featuring some of the highlights of the ARPP continues online at URL: The exhibit is designed to give the viewer background information on many aspects of the Pleistocene epoch’s physical and biological natural history of the Aucilla River area. Designed as a “slide show”, the exhibit includes graphic representations of Pleistocene flora and fauna, cultural artifacts recovered during the project, and the personnel and equipment that make the project a success. Included is a special section on highlights of the project’s major accomplishments through the years. Special thanks go to Dean Quigley, Marisa Renz, Chris Kreider, and Jim Dunbar for allowing us to use their artwork on the site.

Award winning FLMNH website over one million ‘hits’ per month

The Florida Museum of Natural History website has won numerous “best site” awards from such organizations as NetGuide, Microsoft Network, Surfer’s Choice, Magellan, and Lycos. Most recently, the FLMNH website was selected as a ‘Site of the Day’ by Science Web. Information can be found at or at the mirror site FLMNH Computer Programmer/Analyst, Sean Thompson reports that the FLMNH site is getting over a million visits each month.

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