Matthew Mihlbachler wins Patterson Award

ARPP graduate student, Matthew C. Mihlbachler won the Bryan Patterson Award for unique/outstanding field work/techniques. This award was presented at the 1998 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference at Snowbird, Utah. The society is an international organization.

Matt won the Patterson Award for his work on the Latvis/Simpson site. His project included the underwater excavation of 32,000 year old material including mastodon dung and other proboscidian remains. From his analysis of the field samples collected, Matt is recovering information on the diet of the late Pleistocene mastodon and on seasonal variations in diet and nutrition. This research provides the data needed to compare mastodon diets during prehuman times to the data collected from the Page/Ladson site on mastodon diets during Paleoindian times (See “Latvis/Simpson site report”).