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A curious freshwater Coastal Shiner (Noptropis petersoni) interlopes between the camera and a corner-notched Bolen projectile point lying in situ on a 10,000 RCYBP paleosol submerged in 15 feet of Aucilla River water at the Page/Ladson site. Original image was captured on Hi 8 mm videotape in 1995 by Joe Latvis. Lighting by Bill Gifford. Frame grabbing by Brinnen Carter. Image enhancement by Joan Herrera. (See "Underwater site opens window on big environmental change").

The Aucilla River Times is published on an annual basis to update a readership interested in the status of the Aucilla River Prehistory Project. This ongoing archaeological/paleontological research is sponsored by the Florida Musuem of Natural History. This newsletter is published by the project management based at:

The Florida Museum of Natural History
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