FAS video features ARPP

The Florida Anthropological Society has commissioned Chaos Productions of Fort Myers to produce a thirty minute video on Florida prehistory titled "Shadows & Reflections On The Past". The theme of this video is the qeust for knowledge and understanding of the past cultures of Florida. The cultures and sites chosen to represent the five time periods examined are:

Paleoindians - The Aucilla River

Tequesta - Cutler Ridge Mound

Apalachee - Lake Jackson Mounds

Timucua - Fort Caroline National Monument

Calusa - Mound Key

Artwork by Theodore Morris
Photographed by M. Muniz

Opening scenes feature the natural environment of the Aucilla, as well as underwater excavation footage by the Aucilla River Prehistory Project, and narration by ARPP Director Dr. Webb.

The FAS plans to make the documentary available to PBS television stations, but perhaps more important will be its educational use in the school system. The video is currently in production, and the premier showing is scheduled for Saturday May 23rd during the 1998 Annual FAS meeing in Gainesville (see "1998 FAS annual meeting").