Donor Acknowledgment

The Aucilla River Prehistory Project gratefully acknowledges support by the State of Florida Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida. During 1996 ARPP received its second major grant for its archaeological research on First Floridians and Last Megafauna.

The ARPP also received major funding from National Geographic Society, Committee on Research and Exploration. Neither of these funding organizations was liable for injury or property damage that might have resulted from ARPP activities. Nor are they responsible for opinions or interpretations derived from the archaeological and paleontological research conducted under these grants.

The Aucilla River Prehistory Project also acknowledges vital support from several dozen volunteer scuba divers from Florida and beyond, who freely dedicate their time, energies and personal dive gear to participate in this important research. The University of Florida also provides fundamental offices, labs, collections, equipment, vehicles and personnel to carry forward this project. We especially thank the Ladson family for their continuing hospitality, encouragement and support of this project's activities on their land. Finally we are deeply indebted to many individual friends of the project who have contributed both emotional energy and material gifts to its success. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the following list of private and corporate boosters.

Sustaining Boosters
Contributing Boosters
CSX Transportation
Ed Green
(for Hungry Howie's Pizza)
Juanita Akin
Supporting Boosters
Jim Hunt
David G. Bishop
George Bailey
Colonel Wm. F. Ladson
Dr. Edwin C. Carlson
Byron Herlong
Dr. Dan F. Morse
Mary Hudson
Pat and Sam Lamar
(for The Canoe Shop)
Randy Ogden
(for Daffin Food Service)
Hank Kratt
Contributing Boosters
Randy Rush
Don Lincoln
Jody Barker
(for Alpha Welding)
Patty Schwarze
(for Old Sugar Mill)
Robert F. Phillips
Dr. H.L. Cheney
Jack Simpson
Dawn Pinder
Kurt Cox
(for Chevron USA, Inc.)
Joe Sink
(for Brownie's
Third Lung)

Dean Quigley

Al and Jimmy Cribbs
(for Cribbs & Sons Tire & Automotive)
James K. Toomey
Dr. Andrew J. Rogers
M.C. David
J.R. Walker
(for J.R.'s Aucilla River Store)
Mark T. Sanders
Bill Gifford
Bill Wright
(for Perry Pepsi Cola)
Bin Williams
Steve and Jane Glover
c c