Robin Brown receives 1996 Converse Award

FLMNH Curator Dr. Bruce MacFadden presents Converse Award to celebrated author of "Florida's First People" (and longstanding ARPP enthusiast) Dr. Robin Brown.

Dr. Robin Brown, Pony Express Charter Member, long-standing ARPP enthusiast, paleontologist, and author extraordinaire, was presented with this year's Howard Converse Award. Dr. Bruce McFadden presented the award to Robin during the Saturday morning session at Paleofest96. Robin is recognized for his strong support of the museum and his numerous specimen donations. His most outstanding contribution is, of course, his famous book on Florida's fossils, which is in its second edition and fourth printing, with over 10,000 copies sold.

The Converse Award is presented yearly to recognize an individual from the non-professional paleonotological ranks who has made outstanding contributions to Florida paleontology. The award is named in honor of Howard Converse, former preparator at the museum. Award recipients are selected by the museum paleontology staff and are presented with a personalized wall plaque. Their names are also inscribed on a large permanent plaque which hangs in the museum.