Museum intern Justy Alicea (left) and SMIF technician Jimmy Thostenson set up the CT scanner using a live X-ray image of teeth inside the scanner. (Photo courtesy of Andrea De Renzis)

A Guide to Digital Paleontology

[This is the unabridged version of museum interns Andrea De Renzis and Justy Alicea’s April 2015 eNewsletter article.] Traditional specimen-based … Continue

The skull of Archaeolemur at the Duke Fossil Primate Center.

Duke Trip

Last week Justy, Nathan and myself headed to Duke to microCT scan fossils from the Panama Canal. Our main goal … Continue

Celebrating after a successful plaster jacketing.

Full Plaster Jacket

Today was yet another beautiful day at Lago Alajuela, where we have spent the last two days searching for fossils … Continue