Bats in the Caribbean | Explore Research Video

Primate DNA tells us about the history of an African rainforest | Explore Research Video

Where did we come from? | Nova Documentary

Science Nation | NSF Documentary

Bats in the Caribbean | Explore Research

The Florida Museum has produced dozens of videos for their series "Explore Research," which highlights research done at The University of Florida. The Museum serves as a conduit to disseminate highly technical university-based research to the public in a language they can understand. Explore Research is an area of the Museum's public exhibits that has been built just for this purpose. Each video, along with a 3-dimensional exhibit, runs for several months and can be seen by Museum visitors for free. The video below is a video that we produced with the Museum about our research in the Caribbean. It features Ph.D. candidate Angelo Soto-Centeno.

Primate DNA tells us about the history of an African rainforest

October 29, 2012

We know that all animals are dependent on their environment. They need resources like food and mates. If their habitat changes, we expect that to have an impact on their population. For example, if their forest expands, we expect that their population will grow. Alternatively, if their habitat shrinks, then their population will likely shrink too. Because of this, if we know the size of an animals population in the past, we can make hypotheses about what has happened to their environment in the past.

Where did we come from? Documentary | Nova

Feb. 16, 2011
Research from the Reed Lab was highlighted in an episode of Nova called “Where did we come from?” You can see the segment that featured our research, or you can watch the whole hour-long episode.

Science Nation | NSF

June 28, 2010
The National Science Foundation produces an online Magazine called Science Nation that wrote an article and produced a video about our research.