Arts and Science at the Mammal Collection

UF and High school art classes have visited the Mammal Collection to use skins, skulls and skeletons as models for paintings, drawings, and sketches. These visits have, in part, contributed to the new Art in Science program at UF. Independent, professional artists have also visited the collection to study skulls and skeletons for accuracy in their artwork.

Arts and Science by Kristin

The University of Florida has brought together artists and scientists in a number of ways recently. The goal is to inspire both to think differently, more broadly, about their respective discipline. One of our undergraduates, Kristin Magrini, took a course at UF that paired artists with scientists. As part of the course the students had to pair up, artist with scientist, to produce something that contained aspects of both art and science. Below are images of Kristin’s award-winning art. The concept is similar to the scientific posters that students typically present at scientific meetings, except this version is absolutely beautiful as well as factually informative.