One of the things we love most about our Butterfly Rainforest exhibit is the lovely variety of colors in both the butterflies and the plants.

There were so many vibrant flowers and plants this spring, from the full white bloom of the Amazon lilies and the curling pink petal of the anthurium, to the soft color of the lavender bells and silver-green begonia leaves. All put on a show this spring!

And of course the butterflies were just as colorful. The blue morpho, tropical blue wave, and the starry night cracker butterflies were all showing off brilliant blue wings. The orange of the Acontius firewing, leopard lacewings, banded orange, and autumn leaf butterflies were easy to spot amid the green of the Rainforest, while the yellow stripes of the Hewitsoni longwing butterfly also caught our photographer’s eye.

Even the koi fish were showing off their colors!

Many thanks to keeper Ingrith for sharing her photos with us.