Blue morpho butterflies are one of the crowd favorites because of the dazzling blue on their wings. At rest with their wings up, they have elaborate brown markings with striking eyespots.

Guests often ask if there is a time of year or day that blue morphos are more likely to show off their blue wings so they could try to get great photos when they visit. We consulted with Ryan, one of the keepers of the Butterfly Rainforest, to offer some tips.

“We always have blue morphos in the Rainforest but it can be tricky to see or photograph a blue morpho when open,” Ryan said. “Normally, a blue morpho doesn’t want to display its blue interior since doing so identifies it as prey in the wild. So the best time to see it open is when they bask to warm themselves up.”

The best time for this is a cool, sunny morning when it’s between 60 to 70 degrees. Here in Florida, that means somewhere from October through April, but the weather varies a lot daily during that time.

It’s not just the blue morphos. Many of our tropical butterflies are slow to take flight on a cold day. This means they’re likely sitting in the sun warming up so it’s easier to get great photos of them. But it does feel more subdued in the exhibit without our residents fluttering and flapping through the foliage.

As always, we highly recommend checking the weather prior to your visit so you know what to expect. Also note that cameras are welcome but commercial photography and equipment like tripods and  monopods are prohibited.