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Walk down memory lane with us to look at past special exhibits we’ve enjoyed here at the Florida Museum! While this exhibit has moved on to other places, we treasured the opportunity to learn and explore. Find out what exhibits are currently here at the Museum:

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fuzzy jumping spider looks at viewer. You can see four prominent eyes, blue and purple fuzz on jaws and black spikey fuzz on the top of its head. To the right of the spider is the text SPIDERS Alive!Spiders Alive!

This exhibit was on display January 28 through September 4, 2023

This exciting exhibit let visitors dive into the world of spiders, scorpions and their relatives with more than a dozen LIVE species on display. Visitors explored the unique traits and characteristics of this diverse group of animals at this interactive, family-friendly experience!

Spiders and their relatives highlight the ecological importance of these animals that include black widows, orb weavers and scorpions. Large touchable models revealed more about spider anatomy and their differences from insects while rare fossils — including one that’s 100 million years old — displayed species from the past. Videos showcased a variety of unique animal behaviors, such as a diving bell spider living under water and a southern black widow spinning silk. This exhibit separated fact from myth as visitors learned about ancient spiders, conservation, venom and more.

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“Spiders Alive!” is owned and operated by Peeling Productions, and produced by the American Museum of Natural History and sponsored in part by Visit Gainesville/Alachua County, University of Florida Student Government and the Florida Division of Arts and Culture. Original version of the photo used in the featured image is by Jan Rozehnal, used under CC BY.