Our newest special exhibit Spiders Alive! has mixed reviews purely because of the residents – live spiders! We invited visitors to post their spider stories on our note wall and share the good, the bad and the funny!

Here are some highlights from recent stories and notes left for our spiders, including one person who said, “Would quit dentistry to study spiders.”

“I (heart) spiders. No need to be afraid of them! They eat other bugs that bite people!”

“I like spiders – they eat roaches!”

“Spiders are cool!!! + peacock spiders are drippy.”

Brave Hearts

Spiders get a bad rap so we knew some people would be hesitant to visit this creepy, crawly exhibit. We’re so happy to see visitors challenging their arachnophobia to learn a little about these leggy creatures. Our residents might not have won everyone over, but they did change some opinions.

“When I was 3, I was bit by a spider. I was subsequently terrified of them for years. Now, I am able to appreciate them and recognize their beauty.”

“spiders are not always the best but they are never the worst.”

“I always run away from spiders but they do look super cool! I wanna love spiders.”

“As much as I wish they would all die, they play a vital part in the food chain.”

“I respect the spiders by giving them space!”

Knowledge is Power

Love them or fear them, it seems like visitors enjoyed learning about spiders, and would like others to learn about these amazing creatures.

“Spiders are so pretty and interesting. Less of them are poisonous than I thought!”

“I have arachnophobia and still enjoyed this. Very cool!”

“spiders are cool learn about them.”

“spiders are scary but I have a new found respect for them & think they should be people too 😊.”

“Very informative exhibit. Loved it. The kids loved it as well. Surprised me.”

Spider Protectors

On the other side are spider-fans who want to protect the spiders they encounter.

“One day I was at school and I saw a very tiny spider. I LOVE spiders. Everybody was scared but me!”

“My lack of fear for spiders has made me my class/family resident insect killer (okay not killer, I am a catch and release kind of girl).”

“I am a spider protector in my home.”

“I like to catch them in a glass and release them in the garden!”

All Around Us

There are so many spiders nearby that go unnoticed, but some guests shared their love of encountering them.

“Many fond memories of looking for fishing spiders while wading in SW FL swamps.”

“When I go camping I like to shine my headlamp at the ground to see allllll of the reflective spider eyes around me … even though it scares me!”

“I love spiders sooooooooo much. Sometimes I go out at night and on my driveway are glowing spiders.”

“For about a year we had a regal jumping spider living in the hood of our SUV. We called them Evil Knievel because they would come out whenever we started driving and hang out on the windshield wipers. Even when we were on the highway!”

Pet Spoods

teal post-it note with handwritten note
“I want a pet spider!” Note left by Museum visitor

The real spider fans are the ones that want to have them as pets. There are whole communities of super-fans like this. FYI–spood is an endearing internet word for spider.

“I have a deep love for tarantulas and hope to get a Mexican Red Knee soon!”

“I’ve had a few pet spiders! They’re very cool pets to have”

“I want a pet spider!”

Whether you’re challenging your phobia or indulging in your fandom, be sure to visit Spiders Alive! by September 4, 2023, and if you have a note for our residents, stop by the wall!

Spiders Alive!