Every year, more than 175 million people in the United States celebrate Halloween. The holiday generates over $10 billion each year. A common practice for the holiday is to dress up in costumes. Whether it’s a witch or a superhero, most people observe the holiday by getting into character Halloween costume materials are often made of synthetic and plastic materials that are harmful to the planet. These items are generally worn only on one occasion and quickly make their way to the landfill. To combat this, check out our tips on how to create a sustainable Halloween costume this year! 

Guide to Sustainable Costumes: 

  • Reach out to your peers and do a costume swap. 
  • Create an original costume using materials already in your closet. 
  • If you need new pieces for a costume, shop secondhand before purchasing anything from the store or online. 
  • Upcycle!
    • If you have garments that are too big, get them altered at a tailor or add materials from around your house to spice up your costume. 
  • Create your own face and body paint with materials around your home. 
  • Brainstorm costume ideas that can be used every year like a witch or a vampire.
  • Rent costumes to combat costume waste.
  • Opt for purchasing higher quality materials.
  • If you do have to purchase items, shop locally!

Info from the National Retail Foundation, Hubbub, and Fairytrust