The University of Florida has a vested interest in protecting research data. Granting agencies hold the University responsible for producing the promised grant deliverables, and data loss is not an acceptable excuse for failing to meet grant expectations. As such the University provides several mechanisms to store and protect data. It is your responsibility to understand and follow regulations and make use of these resources.


All faculty, staff and students have access to 5TB of cloud-based storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. This is an easy and secure method of syncing data among multiple computers and mobile devices as well as ensuring backup and versioning of files. Soltis lab members are highly encouraged to store the majority of their data in their OneDrive account. For more information see the GatorCloud site.

Known incompatibilities with OneDrive:

  • Hidden files (starting with .) cause problems. Places that these are common:
    • GitHub repositories

Google G-Suite

UF offers officially supported G-Suite accounts with Drive, Docs, Sheets and most other Google features. This includes free UNLIMITED storage in Drive. It does not include Gmail and all UF business should continue to be conducted through your UF email account. See the GatorCloud page for more information.

UF Dropbox for Education

UF offers an officially supported Dropbox for Education account to all Faculty and Staff. Students can request access to this as well, just let Matt know and we’ll get you setup.

A note about Online file storage

UF has approved OneDrive@UF and UF Dropbox for Education for university data. These are the only officially supported online file storage systems. The consumer OneDrive and Dropbox are not supported, nor is Google Drive. Please do not use the consumer versions of these services.

Museum File Server

The Soltis lab space for storing files on the Museum file server.

You need to be on a University network to connect to the file server. Use the VPN to connect if off campus.

You should be able to access these spaces by connecting to:

  • From a Mac:
    • In the Finder, select Go > Connect to Server…, or Command-K
    • Enter the Server Address as: cifs://
    • Use your Gatorlink credentials to login.
  • From a Windows computer:
    • From the File Explorer, select Map a Network drive, or enter the server in the search bar.
    • Enter the Server Address as: \\\flmnh
    • Use your Gatorlink credentials to login.

Once connected, navigate to NaturalHistory/Soltis.

Within the Users folder you should have a folder your Gatorlink username. This is your space to store work-related files.

The Molecular folder is a shared workspace for everyone in the lab. Files in this space are editable (and delatable) by everyone in the lab. This is helpful for collaboration  and sharing.

The Museum file server is backed up and files can be recovered for up to 3 months.


A note on mobile devices and storage at UF

It is University policy that ALL mobile devices (laptops, cell phones, tablets) and portable storage (USB drives) be encrypted. This includes personally owned devices. There is some helpful information on this on the Mobile Device Security page. Please also see the Employee Guide to Information Security for other helpful security information.