Research Computing accounts and storage

Request an Account Once you have a Gatorlink, you can request an account on the form here: List Pam … Continue

UF and Museum VPN

Museum VPN access The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client can be downloaded from While you can connect with just your … Continue

Data Management at UF

The University of Florida has a vested interest in protecting research data. Granting agencies hold the University responsible for producing … Continue

Geneious license server

The lab has 2 concurrent licenses for Geneious 11. Please download the latest version from (You need to use … Continue

Xerox Printer Information

  The lab has a Xerox VersaLink C405DN for research-related printing needs. To connect, the IP address is: It … Continue


All lab volunteers are required to fill out the Volunteer Application and give to Evgeny. Once an applicant is added … Continue