One Tree, One Planet

people looking a projected imageThe ONE TREE, ONE PLANET artwork celebrates Earth’s rich diversity of animals, plants and other organisms represented by the Tree of Life, the immense network of relationships that links all living things. The message of the series is simple: We’re all related.


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frame from TreeTender movie showing main characterThe short film TreeTender (2016) follows a young woman, Gaia, becoming the newest TreeTender. We see her learning about the Tree of Life, the connections between all organisms on the Tree, the importance of understanding these connections, and the human-caused mass extinction currently occurring.

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Building, Exploring, and using the Tree of Life

Douglas Soltis discusses the history of the concept of the “Tree of Life,” tree thinking, and the difficulty of building large trees. Pam Soltis continues with the theme of conservation in response to climate change by considering how the tree of life can help with conservation efforts.

Building the Tree of Life: TEDxUF 2016

Douglas Soltis explains the interrelation of all species on earth with a beautiful, brilliant, constantly-evolving map, presented at the 2016 TEDxUF event.