UF/FGS 5680, the lower left first molar (m1) of Floridatragulus dolichanthereus. Left: occlusal surface; right: medial surface (side facing the tongue). Photo © VP FLMNH.

Fossil Friday: A camel tooth

This Fossil Friday, we have a tooth from the camelid Floridatragulus dolichanthereus. This specimen was found by Stanley J. Olsen … Continue

UF 236934, the upper left second molar of an indeterminate peccary. (Photo © VP FLMNH)

7/17/15: A peccary tooth

For this Fossil Friday I would like to present an upper tooth of a peccary (Family Tayassuidae). This specimen was … Continue

By Ariel Guggino

Pocket Horse

Let’s imagine for a moment the great western plains of North America. The sky is blue, up above seems to … Continue

A photo of me in the collections working on identifying the Nebraska material. (Photo courtesy of Steven Heritage).

Nebraska All Hands

Lately Ariel and myself have been working on identifying specimens that were recovered from the Nebraska All Hands trip last … Continue