Florida Frogs and Toads

The checklist of Florida frogs and toads is below this photo gallery.

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Checklist of Florida Frogs and Toads

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Acris crepitans (BAIRD 1854), Northern Cricket Frog

frogstoadssm_acriscrepitans.jpg Acris crepitans crepitans (BAIRD 1854), Eastern Cricket Frog

Acris gryllus (LECONTE 1825), Southern Cricket Frog

frogstoadssm_acrisgryllusgryllus.jpg Acris gryllus gryllus (LECONTE 1825), Coastal Plain Cricket Frog

frogstoadssm_acrisgryllusdorsalis.jpg Acris gryllus dorsalis (HARLAN 1827), Florida Cricket Frog

frogstoadssm_anaxyrusfowleri.jpg Anaxyrus fowleri (HINCKLEY 1882), Fowler's Toad

frogstoadssm_anaxyrusquercicus.jpg Anaxyrus quercicus (HOLBROOK 1840), Oak Toad

frogstoadssm_buffoterrestris.jpg Anaxyrus terrestris (BONNATERRE 1789), Southern Toad

frogstoadssm_eleutherodactylusplanirostris.jpg Eleutherodactylus planirostris (COPE 1862), Greenhouse Frog; [NON-NATIVE]

frogstoadssm_gastrophrynecarolinensis.jpg Gastrophryne carolinensis (HOLBROOK 1835), Eastern Narrowmouth Toad

frogstoadssm_hylaandersonii.jpg Hyla andersonii (BAIRD 1854), Pine Barrens Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylaavivoca.jpg Hyla avivoca (VIOSCA 1928), Bird-voiced Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylachrysocelis.jpg Hyla chrysocelis (COPE 1880), Cope's Gray Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylacinerea.jpg Hyla cinerea (SCHNEIDER 1799), Green Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylafemoralis.jpg Hyla femoralis (BOSC in DAUDIN 1800), Pine Woods Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylagratiosa.jpg Hyla gratiosa (LECONTE 1856), Barking Treefrog

frogstoadssm_hylasquirella.jpg Hyla squirella (BOSC in DAUDIN 1800), Squirrel Treefrog

frogstoadssm_lithobatescapito.jpg Lithobates capito (LECONTE 1855), Gopher Frog

frogstoadssm_lithobatescatesbeianus.jpg Lithobates catesbeianus (SHAW 1802), Bullfrog

Lithobates clamitans (LATREILLE in SONNINI DE MANONCOURT & LATREILLE 1801), Green Frog

frogstoadssm_ranaclamitans.jpg Lithobates clamitans clamitans (LATREILLE in SONNINI DE MANONCOURT & LATREILLE 1801), Bronze Frog

frogstoadssm_lithobatesgrylio.jpg Lithobates grylio (STEJNEGER 1901), Pig Frog

frogstoadssm_lithobatesheckscheri.jpg Lithobates heckscheri (WRIGHT 1924), River Frog

frogstoadssm_lithobatesokaloosae.jpg Lithobates okaloosae (MOLER 1985), Florida Bog Frog

frogstoadssm_lithobatessphenocephalus.jpg Lithobates sphenocephalus (COPE 1886), Southern Leopard Frog

herp_na_sm.jpg Lithobates virgatipes (COPE 1891), Carpenter Frog

frogstoadssm_osteopilusseptentrionalismetamorphs.jpg Osteopilus septentrionalis (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1841), Cuban Treefrog; [NON-NATIVE]

frogstoadssm_pseudacriscrucifer.jpg Pseudacris crucifer (WIED-NEUWIED 1838), Spring Peeper

frogstoadssm_pseudacrisferiarum.jpg Pseudacris feriarum (BAIRD 1854), Upland Chorus Frog

frogstoadssm_pseudacrisnigrita.jpg Pseudacris nigrita (LECONTE 1825), Southern Chorus Frog

frogstoadssm_pseudacrisocularis.jpg Pseudacris ocularis (BOSC & DAUDIN in SONNINI DE MANONCOURT & LATREILLE 1801), Little Grass Frog

frogstoadssm_pseudacrisornata.jpg Pseudacris ornata (HOLBROOK 1836), Ornate Chorus Frog

frogstoadssm_rhinellamarina.jpg Rhinella marina (LINNAEUS 1758), Cane Toad; [NON-NATIVE]

frogstoadssm_scaphiopusholbrookii.jpg Scaphiopus holbrookii (HARLAN 1835), Eastern Spadefoot