International Sawfish Encounter Database

The International Sawfish Encounter Database (ISED) was transferred to the Florida Program for Shark Research (FPSR) at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) in 1988. Formerly housed at Mote Marine Laboratory, the ISED has integrated the Mote database with four other sawfish databases: one from the FLMNH, two from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and another database from a private sawfish aficionado. As a result, all existing information regarding U.S. smalltooth sawfish is now held in one place (FLMNH) under the ISED. Therefore, the FPSR will be handling all future sawfish encounter reports. 

The information from the sawfish encounter reports is entered into the database and used for monitoring the smalltooth sawfish population. This information assists in the evaluation of the species abundance and habitat range, helping us not only to estimate the population size but also to identify their habitat preferences. This type of information is vital for the recovery of the U.S. smalltooth sawfish population, and greatly assists in conservation efforts.

How can you get involved in the recovery of the smalltooth sawfish?

In the future, this web page will be updated with current ISED distribution maps based on the data collected through sawfish encounter reports. This will provide valuable information to both the scientific community as well as the public in regards to the success of smalltooth sawfish conservation efforts. 

  • ISED Third Year Report PDF

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