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Hyracotherium skeleton Hyracotherium

This small dog-sized animal represents the oldest known horse. It had a primitive short face, with eye sockets in the middle and a short diastema (the space between the front teeth and the cheek teeth).

Although it has low-crowned teeth, we see the beginnings of the characteristic horse-like ridges on the molars.

Hyracotherium is better known as "eohippus" - which means "the dawn horse." The name also refers to the fact that it lived during the Eocene.

Hyracotherium means hyrax-like beast    Don't italicize eohippus or spell it with a capital E because it's not a vaild scientific name The hyrax, the cony or "feeble-folk" of the Bible, live in Africa today.

Looks like a rodent... Smells like a rodent...
but is actually related to elephants and manatees.

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