7 discs shaped from broken pottery

Repurposing Pottery

In earlier blog posts I’ve written about how people in the past mended broken pots, but there were lots of … Continue

Pottery sherd with zig-zag line decoration and small pits

Stump the Archaeologist

Archaeologists love the unknown. We are drawn to the challenge of using artifacts as clues to figure out how people … Continue

Pile of pots with ashes still attached

Clay Chronicles VIII

Trial by fire! As you may have gathered from earlier posts, I was anxious about the firing, because it is … Continue

ball of clay with stamped design

Clay Chronicles VII

I’m running out of pottery making supplies at home, so am wrapping up my experiments for now. After making the … Continue

clay with pile of gray crushed shell on top

Clay Chronicles VI

For most of the pots I’ve made during these quarantimes, I’ve used clays more or less as they were. This … Continue