closeup of vulture head

Clay Chronicles V

This was my most ambitious one so far. Weeden Island Effigy Pot, ca. 1500 years ago My inspiration for this … Continued

Clamshell with ocher mix

Clay Chronicles IV

Clay Chronicles Series Dunns Creek Red Pottery, ca. 1800 years ago This time I decided to tackle a toughie. Dunn’s … Continued

pot in hand

Clay Chronicles III

Clay Chronicles Series I didn’t want to make another bowl or jar this time, so I took inspiration from this … Continued

pot sitting in wooden bowl

Clay Chronicles II

Clay Chronicles Series Carrabelle Punctated pottery, ca. 1500 years old Today, I decided to jump ahead to the mid-late Woodland … Continued

layout of tools and ingredients

Clay Chronicles

One of the hardest parts of working from home these days is being separated from hands-on projects in the lab … Continued