The Florida Program for Shark Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s leading shark research labs and the foremost experts on human-shark interactions. Our research includes projects studying shark and ray phylogenetics, population genetics, ecology, behavior, and conservation. We welcome donations that help to support our ongoing efforts. If you are interested in supporting any of the following programmatic priorities, or any other of our activities, please contact Marie Emmerson (

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Sharks and rays are key parts of their native ecosystems. As their populations decline globally from overfishing and habitat destruction, it is more important than ever to study these amazing animals. You can help by donating to the Florida Program for Shark Research. Your support will help our scientists properly study these animals, increase our ability to communicate with the public and train the next generation of scientists.

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Undergraduate college students can gain a variety of hands-on experience. Previous interns have assisted as field hands catching and tagging sharks, CT scanning and reconstruction, cataloging museum specimens, and more. With funding for such opportunities growing ever tighter we depend on your generosity to train the next generation of shark scientists.

Support research and programming stipends and expenses, including but not limited to collections, meeting travel, lab and fieldwork for undergraduate and graduate student researchers throughout the Florida Museum. The aim of this fund is to increase and improve interaction across the social lines of gender, race, generation, geography, and class. Awardees must demonstrate commitment to making meaningful contributions to a pluralistic community and the continuation of a diverse student body, possess sensitivity to and understanding of racial and ethnic issues in society; and exemplify academic merit and leadership potential. Members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Donation Levels

Blacktip sharks
$100              Blacktip shark
Spotted wobbegong
$250                Spotted Wobbegong
White Shark
$500                White shark
whale shark
$1000             Whale shark



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