Waccasassa River 9A

University of Florida Vertebrate Fossil Locality LV040


In bank of Waccasassa River about 5 miles southeast of Otter Creek, Levy County, Florida; 29.28° N, 82.74° W.


Basis of Age

Biostratigraphic correlation with other Caloosahatchee Formation sites in Southwest Florida (e.g., DeSoto Shell Pit 1); vertebrate biochronology (presence of Megalonyx leptostomus, Neochoerus dichroplax, Capromeryx arizonensis, and Hemiachenia gracilis: species only known from late Blancan localities in Florida).


Land vertebrate fossils found in sandy layers in between beds of mixed quartz sand and mollusk shells, equivalent of Caloosahatchee Formation of south Florida.

Depositional Environment

Nearshore marine/estuarine/coastal beaches and marshes.


Excavation History and Methods

Discovery in 1993 by Steve Hutchens. Collected by Steve Hutchens from 1993 to 1997. All collected specimens donated to Florida Museum of Natural History. Matrix not screenwashed for microfossils. No grid system employed.


Northernmost occurrence of the Caloosahatchee Formation, about 175 to 200 miles north of other such sites.


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